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Healthcare Educators:
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Our platform makes remote collaboration and learning memorable and effective. Educators use us to easily design and create dynamic workshops. Create customized breakout rooms, group activities, standardized patient encounters, and more for your students and employees.

Our Product

Build and Run a Digital workshop in 4 easy steps

Register for a Samsara account and Invite colleagues

We offer a full-featured 30-day free trial.

create and customize your workshop

Give participants prompts, instructions, and content to use in small groups. Customize the settings, including the the size of the workshop rooms. If applicable, upload custom backgrounds and add simulation roles. Then copy the workshop invitation link once your workshop is setup.

Share the workshop link with your students or employees

When students or employees open a workshop link, they will enter your customized workshop and be randomly assigned a group.

Practice and Learn

Students practice and learn together in the workshop rooms. We also give educators a suite of tools to manage workshops like shadowing rooms, sending messages, and closing rooms. After the workshop completes, they will see your instructions on what to do next (i.e. return to your Zoom session).

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