What is Samsara and who is it made for?
Samsara makes remote collaboration and learning memorable and effective. Educators use us to easily design and create dynamic workshops. Create customized breakout rooms, group activities, simulated standardized patient encounters, and more for your students and employees. Our product was created with educators and their students in mind. We help people learn by doing and learn with peers in small and focused groups.

What makes us different?

Samsara is different from traditional learning methods and tools. Samsara helps educators who want to give their students more active learning opportunities in addition to passive, lecture focused learning. Our focus is on the student and employee experience, and we give educators tools to help them learn by interacting live and solving challenges with others.

If I have questions, who do I contact?

Contact us here.

What is a workshop?

A workshop is a customized learning experience that you create for your learners. Workshops are created in Samsara and are customized with prompts for participants, custom backgrounds and icons, titles, completion messages, and more! They make learning active and engaging. After you complete the creation of a workshop, you can copy the invitation link to share it with your learners.

Who can access, view, or edit the workshops I’ve created?

You can access, view, and edit the workshops you have created. If you registered yourself, without a direct invitation, that means you have organization administrator access and no other educators can see or edit your workshops. If you received an invitation from an administrator, then the administrator who invited you to the platform can see and edit any workshops you have created.

No one outside of your organization can see workshops that you’ve created, unless they are invited to the workshop as a participant.

How do I invite other educators from my university or company?

Organization administrators have the ability to send invitations to other individuals. After signing in or registering for an account, you will see an invitation section on your dashboard. In this section, you can input e-mails for any educators whom you would like to invite. If you were invited yourself by someone else, that person is likely the organization administrator and needs to be the one to send new invitations to others in your university or company.

How do I invite my students and employees to use a Samsara workshop that I’ve created?

After creating a workshop, if there are no missing details or errors, you will be able to copy an invitation link. this link can then be shared with the audience who should use the workshop. The link can be shared with whatever tools you use: email, chat tools, live video meetings, or in your LMS.

How many people can join a workshop at a time?

In a singe workshop, 50 people can join if you’re using the free trial or the basic plan and 100 people if you’re on the unlimited plan. The number of people in each workshop room is specified by you using the roles, observers and participant limits.

Can I run a workshop multiple times?

After a workshop has been started and then stopped, it cannot be used again and the workshop is considered complete. You can always duplicate the workshop after it is completed, edit it if needed, and share a new link to participants if you wish to run the same workshop again.

What do my students and employees see in the workshop?

They will see the content of the specific workshop they have an invitation to. This includes the workshop name, the prompts that you’ve added, any uploaded background images and icons, as well as your instructions on what to do after the workshop. They will also see others assigned to the same workshop room and roles they or their fellow participants have been assigned, if applicable.

You can always preview a workshop before starting it with your students and employees by manually starting it, joining it, then stopping it. You can then duplicate the workshop and share the link to the duplicated workshop to your actual participants.

What features do my students and employees have access to in the workshop?

Students and employees participating in a workshop can chat with people in the same workshop room, manage their microphone, video / camera / audio settings, click through prompts, and share their screen.

What features do I, as an educator / facilitator, have access to after the workshop starts?

  • View Metrics: users, number of rooms, time remaining, workshop time used
  • Extend duration of the workshop if more time is needed
  • Explore (also called shadowing): join as an observer in any workshop room without being seen by the participants
  • Join: join as an observer or play an active role of a participant and be seen by the users in the workshop
  • Stop workshop
  • Send messages to all workshop rooms

I can’t find a previously created workshop: where do I find them?

You can find a list of all previously created workshops by navigating to the Recent workshops page in your dashboard.

What happens after my free trial expires?

You will be able to see past workshops, duplicate workshops, create new workshops, and edit your profile settings. You will no longer be able to schedule workshops, copy workshop links to share, or manually start workshops.

How much does Samsara cost?

Samsara offers a free trial. We are currently in beta testing mode so the service is free for a limited time. You can request to join Samsara here.

I have a feature request or feedback: where can I send that?

Send it to luke at givesamsara.com. We want to know what you think!